Sterling Silver Necklaces

silver necklace
I would love to have this sterling silver necklace by Tiffany that I found on the net. Photo not mine.

I used to love having silver jewelry. I had necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to match. And I love them when they are sterling–it adds value to the accessories.

But the problem with sterling silver jewelry is that they tarnish. I mean, they really need cleaning after several uses. I would bring my jewelry to where I had them made and I would let them clean it. It is just tedious though, having to remember to go to the shop just for cleaning.

So eventually, I gave up on silver and just worked on having my gold jewelry collection. They are more expensive though but require less maintenance…or even none at all. All I have right now that is made of silver is a sterling silver necklace, which I seldom use because whenever I take it out of the drawer, it looks dark and dirty already. hehe

If ever I would have silver jewelry, I will have to buy another set so that they can have matching pieces. But for now, yellow gold is still for me.

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