Summer is So Here!

Summer is soooo here! Although flitting, we can see a glimpse of the summer sun from time to time. I say flitting because there are still cloudy days. But when the sun shines, as in it gets really hot!

I have to wear my shades whenever I go out because the glare is getting to my eyes and head. And one more thing, if I can have blackout blinds on our car windows, I would have them just so I will not have rashes on my skin.

My skin breaks out when I am exposed to too much sun. I dunno, they just become itchy and break out. At first I am not sure if it is the air or the sun that is causing the break outs, but then I think it is really the heat of the sun (or the humidity) because even if I am inside the car most of the time, I still get these rashes that look like prickly heat.

Anyway, there is really no beating summer so we will be tailoring our activities so that we will have much fun for the summer season! We have gone swimming at Palmas del Mar already last Sunday, and we intend to visit a couple more resorts, go kite flying, and just go to parks and play. Yippee! This will be one fun summer!

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