The Fuss About the Ruby Wedding Ring of Priscilla Chan

The new Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg–Priscilla Chan wears her ruby wedding ring on her day off.

For those who do not know yet who Priscilla Chan is, she is the new wife of Facebook CEO and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. The couple got married recently in a simple ceremony at their home in Palo Alto, California.

Recently, the new Mrs. Zuckerberg was seen going around, meeting friends and doing errands, and the press naturally had a field day capturing her every move. It was said in articles that this was the first time that the wedding ring of the new bride was seen in public and within a few hours, Zuckerberg had been the butt of jokes.

People are lambasting Mark for his poor taste in choosing a ring for his wife despite the money that he has.

Oh really, people! Give this couple a break. They are newlyweds and I believe in to each his own. The couple seem to be bent on living simply (albeit a nice home). They do not appear to have jewels, designer clothing or other luxurious items. So if they like it that way?

Priscilla must think it is a very precious thing because it was said that Mark designed it for her. So it is special. I believe that even if he just scribbled a love note for her, that would still be special because it expresses his love.

And please….a lot of people are so hung up in the size of their rings. Up until now, they do not realize that it is not the measure of the success of a marriage. A wedding ceremony is just for a day but the marriage is for a lifetime.

Look at all the celebs with their grandiose acts of romance, fairytale weddings, and multi-million dollar rings but their marriages are already kaput in just a few weeks or months! I am not sure about this because I do not really have facts but I think that the divorce rate is much higher among those who have the most elaborate weddings!

If Zuckerberg and Chan live an entire lifetime together as a happily married couple, then who gets the last laugh?

My congratulations to the billionaire power couple who know that money is not everything in a marriage.

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