The Grabbing at Big Fat Gypsy Weddings that Ended in a Real Wedding

Cheyenne and John of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

It was earlier reported in an online paper that there was a segment or activity called “grabbing” in the so-called documentary show called Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. Grabbing is a form of courtship or wooing that is kinda mean or brutal in the sense that the women are literally grabbed by the men, as you can see in the screen captures below of some scenes from the show.

But well, in the end, the young couple featured here, Cheyenne and John, both in their teens got married. I just dunno if they know what they are getting into. Oh well, I just hope that they do not end up as a another statistic–either of divorce or of domestic violence, which is not unlikely because the start of their relationship was a rather “violent” note.

I guess all I can say for now is best wishes for the newlyweds! May they really live happily ever after. I am so sorry, I cannot help but be sarcastic over this. Many people think that marriage is a joke, but I guess it should not be in my position to judge.

Grabbing is a form of courtship

2 thoughts on “The Grabbing at Big Fat Gypsy Weddings that Ended in a Real Wedding

  1. baka joke lang ang kasalan mommy..hehehe..
    hmmm..just like any one who could read this..they will end up in divorse din…hayss..
    yeah agree not a joke talaga..

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