The Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement or a Premarital Agreement, usually called a Prenup, is a binding contract that a couple signs and agrees to prior to their marriage. Like any contract, the stipulations vary based on the circumstances of the couple but is usually related to finances. This is especially true if one partner is way wealthier with so many assets than the other partner.

In the Philippines, this is common especially if the other person, like the bride has not much to her name but that a landed and really wealthy man wants to marry her. While he loves her and wants to give her everything, the family would not agree to this sometimes and would only allow the wedding to push through if the woman would agree to the prenuptial agreement.

Or it could be that both parties are already wealthy and would want to keep their properties and assets to themselves whenever a divorce would occur. This is the case of the prenuptial agreement before the wedding of F1 heiress Petra Ecclestone to James Stunt was consummated. While James is also a wealthy businessman, his assets pale in comparison to the Ecclestones. However, he insisted on the prenup, maybe because he wants to prove to the families and the people that it is not the Ecclestone money that he is after.

While the prenup is preemptive of what the marriage might become, it is actually also a form of security or protection for the individuals. Let’s face it–there are people who get married with the wrong motives, especially where there is money involved. So we cannot blame those who are moneyed to protect themselves.

But as long as the couple is true to each other and loves each other unconditionally, no prenup would separate them. But if they are already in a rocky marriage, no high quality gmax helmets could protect them from hurting each other physically. And of course, the emotional damages can be tremendous.

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