The Quest for the Best and Cheapest Hand Soap

I stay at home and work in our bedroom. That means that I stay in the room practically the whole day. I go to the bathroom pretty often and I wash myself that many time as well. My husband also goes to our room several times a day because he just works downstairs. So we use hand soap when washing our hands.

That is why we are always on the lookout for the cheapest hand soap that is not drying to my naturally dry skin. This is our recent find, this SM Bonus Waterlily Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap.

I like its pink color because it livens up our drab marble sink, as you can see. It smells good and is gentle on my hands. And the most important thing–it is cheap! hehe

11 thoughts on “The Quest for the Best and Cheapest Hand Soap

  1. yep, me too I settle for the cheapest store brand here in America. I find that store brand products contain the same ingredients as to the national brand, national brand products cost more at least a dollar or two and you know Filipinas are known for being tight in their money… nice pink handsoap bottle!

    Jadyn’s entry is up, it’s here Where Is My Sunbrerra?

  2. Nice! Ang bango siguro nyan, ano?

    It’s my first time joing PF and I have PINKS’ hop at the Korean Memorial War Park entry. Hope to see you!

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