The Smell of My Man

Do you like to smell your husband’s used clothes? Photo from the internet.

I have something to confess. I have this addiction and that is smelling my husband. While he may not agree with me and the thought about me enjoying his “manly aroma” even though he hasn’t bathe yet makes him raise his eyebrows in disagreement, I enjoy his scent. I also smell his used clothes and even his pillow when he’s not around. haha When I went abroad back then, I packed one of his used shirts and brought it with me to smell before I went to sleep.

In the past, I have read a novel set centuries ago where the lady love said that she agreed to the arranged marriage because the man “smelled right” on their first meeting. The guy thinks she’s crazy because during the first time that they met, he came from a journey and wasn’t able to take a bath for weeks. But she said that it was his natural scent that attracted her to him. Moreover, in a TV show, I watched a documentary about a study that lead researchers to the conclusion that body smell is an important factor in choosing a mate.

Well, I agree with them. And I learned that I am not alone. Among my blogger-friends, I asked them if they also like smelling their husbands. And they all agree. Two of them said that their husbands don’t even wear perfume nor use deodorants. They just used bath soap and rubbing alcohol as their two main bathroom products. One of them quipped that she would still smell her man even after playing basketball and he would feel ashamed. haha Ladies.

And for me, there is nothing sexual to it–just sheer satisfaction at smelling it. I feel so satisfied and happy when I get a whiff of his smell. It’s like some happy hormones are stirred up in my brain when my sense of smell gets satisfied. Yes, it’s a certain kind of high.

The neck is one particularly endearing part. And then there’s the underarm. haha Photo from the internet.

And that urge to smell your man has been particularly stronger for me when I was pregnant. And another lady friend also agrees.

So as far as compatibility is concerned, for me, my sense of smell played a big factor with choosing my husband. How about you? What can you say about this?

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