The Strength and Power of Women

Harnessing the Power of Women

We just watched the Captain Marvel Bacolod premiere night with the kids at the Ayala Malls Capitol Central two nights ago. So now, we are so stoked about women empowerment, especially our daughters.

There is so much power when Christian women commit to regularly gather together in prayer and fellowship.

But there’s another aspect of this movement that should be addressed, and that’s the idea of Christian women empowerment.

Christian Women Empowerment

Women who gather together on a regular basis to support each other in their Christian walk have a special kind of power. It’s a unique kind of power. It’s a combination of a woman’s innate strength combined with the humility that she develops because of her faith in God.

When women who are strong in faith gather together to share and support each other, the power that is unleashed is truly a remarkable thing.

More than the power and supernatural strength of Captain Marvel

That’s why it’s so important for women to commit to a regular practice of meeting together. There should be a continuous commitment to support each other in faith.

Support Groups

No matter where a person is in their faith, the reality is that challenges do come up regularly. Much of the time, it’s about love and past relationships.

By joining with other Christian women to share individual concerns and receive counseling, true women empowerment can be reached. That was crucial for me when I was fighting and struggling to heal my inner child.

Not Meant to Be Alone

None of us is meant to follow on a Christian path alone. Coming together in faith during weekly support groups, as well as at regular worship services is highly empowering.

If you are a woman of faith who is facing challenges, remember, you are not alone. Reach out to other women in your faith community. Be rest assured that you will be supported in your Christian walk. Always.

For international women’s month, let’s do this, ladies. Let’s be a force of change that this world needs. It’s not just for our kids, our husbands, our family — it’s for ourselves. This is my message for you. <3

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