Thoughts on Getting Pregnant (Again)

Last January, I thought that I was ready to get pregnant again with our second child. We set aside birth control and thought of starting on the “project.” I took supplements, stopped taking coffee as well as any beverage with some hint of alcohol.

When February came, I had implantation bleeding one week before my period was due (for a 30-day cycle). Oh wow, I got excited because I also experienced implantation bleeding with Dindin. At the same time, I had all the implantation symptoms–small cramps, tiredness, and swollen breasts. Then the symptoms subsided.

After about a week, I would sometimes feel dizzy but not exactly to the point of throwing up, I got really tired, my back hurts, and my breasts would get tender from time to time (yup, not always). And then food is starting to taste bland. Some of the things that I liked did not taste very good anymore while those smells that I hated before, I kinda liked this time (like the aroma of sauteed food at Kuppa, the restaurant next to our house). My appetite has increased as well, so my tummy is getting bigger and it seems my thighs…

When Dindin’s 2nd birthday came, I could no longer fit in all my pants. So I really thought I was already pregnant. I tested 3x, and all came out negative. And oh, I was also constipated, another usual sign of pregnancy. When March 20 came, I took Dulcolax upon my mother’s influence and the next day my period came. I am not sure if there is any connection, but well I had my menstrual period.

So I thought, oh well, maybe I was not pregnant after all. We will try again another time.

But after that, I have been thinking, I kinda like having ONLY Dindin around. I am not sure anymore if I wanted another child. I dunno if God intended it to be that way so that I will get to thinking. From the time Dindin was born, I already said that we would have another child soon. But now I am thinking, I am already satisfied with Dindin. I dunno.

So I have adopted this attitude. If God will give us another child, then it is His will and He will provide for everything. For now, we will just enjoy having Dindin around. She is such a joy! If God will give us a second child, we will embrace the new bundle with open arms. And by that time, that is already God’s perfect timing. 😀 We trust Him.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Getting Pregnant (Again)

  1. i was blessed with another child after 9 years, and i was so happy with it 🙂

    thank you very much for including my blogs in your blog roll, you’re in my blogroll too!

  2. thank you mommy joy! wow ang tagal ng gap! ewan ko kung gusto ko pa after this year. i will be 36 na kasi e :d

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