To Move Out of the Country if Kris Aquino Becomes Vice President

Kris Aquino. Photo from the

There are whispers…I mean rumors that presidential sister and TV personality Kris Aquino may be running for Vice President in the next national elections.

The Aquino family is neither confirming nor denying the rumors, although Kris said in the past that if ever she will venture into politics, she would want to start it out with her hometown, Tarlac. Additionally, I heard her say in one interview that her mom, former President Corazon Aquino, said something about her having to simplify her life if she wants to get into public service and Kris said that she is not ready to give up her lifestyle. Or maybe she is ready now?

These rumors came out, or at least became abuzz, in the light of the public fight of Kris with her former husband, basketball player James Yap regarding their son, James Yap Jr or Bimby.

Hubby says that if this rumor was true, along with the possible winning of a traditional politician in the Bacolod local elections, he says then maybe that is the time for him to consider relocating us to another country.

You see, hubby is very nationalistic. He loves the Philippines and does not want to leave the country. But it seems that the government has become more of a highly entertaining circus show than serious governance and public service stuff. So then maybe, just maybe, it is time for us to find a better country for us?

I really don’t know. But if hubby is thinking that way, then honestly, there is something seriously wrong with out government today. He is not easily swayed by thoughts of going abroad to relocate. For missions yes, but not for working. But if he is already thinking that way, then something is really bad in government.

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