Together in Sickness

Sunday night, we were almost asleep when we were roused by Dindin who threw up on the bed. She was about to burp but after her bottle but she moved so much so that her burp turned to vomit. As in a lot…I had to bathe her while her Papa changed the sheets. Then she fussed and fussed that we slept past 2 am.

But even when she slept, she did not sleep soundly the rest of the time. Instead she tossed and turned all the way till morning.

In the wee hours, I already felt my hyper-acidity acting up. But I was too sleepy to pop a Kremil-S pill. When I woke up around 8am, my stomach was churning real bad. I asked Dennis to buy me Zantac while I just lied down there. Dindin was still fast asleep as she did not have much sleep either. I took the Zantac, had a small piece of bread, and then went back to bed.

Little did I know that Dennis was also starting to feel bad. I slept throughout day while in the afternoon, I asked Nang Edith to give me a full body massage. That helped me to relax. But since I was not able to have my morning coffee, I ended up with a bad headache. Grrr….I took Ponstan and slept again.

When dusk came, Dennis came in the room all flushed and shivering. He went under the covers. I got up and gave him medicine then massaged him because his muscles were sore and clammy. I had the cook make up some porridge and we both ate.

Thankfully, God sustained us. especially that we still had to take care of Dindin. We are just thankful that Dindin didn’t fuss so much.

I just think it is funny that we got sick on the same day. By the way, I think I badly needed the sleep.

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