Water Can Relieve Body Pains

drinking water
Make it a personal rule: drink a glass of water after every pee. Photo from the internet.

We often hear this phrase: DRINK WATER. In Health and Science class in elementary and high school we are told: DRINK 8 GLASSES of water every day. Or more specifically, drink lots of water for better health.

But sad to say, many people do not follow this rule about water. There are several reasons why many are not able to drink the required number of glasses of water every day to keep the body working properly.

Those who go out to work or to travel, be it in the office or on the road as a sales person, drinking water will only make them look for the restroom often. That is what makes it a hassle. So, instead of drinking, they let their body thirst. But without enough water, dehydration will take place. And when that happens, the body functions are affected. And that is when we experience body pains. I’ve heard the saying that when we feel achy, that is because our body is thirsty.

Yes, most of the body pains that we feel are a result of lack of water in the body. Add to that the daily diet that is not even healthy to begin with, so there is no easy way for the body to reject and flush the garbage that a light water drinker just ate. While colored beverages like soda, coffee, and artificial juices contain water, it is not enough to flush the added garbage that was just taken into the body. They just add to the problem. We need drinking water, pure water.

Lack of water intake can lead to headache, migraine, painful joints, asthma, UTI, heart ailments, diabetes, kidney failure, lower back pains, and all other sorts of pains and ailments are suffered by those who do not drink enough water.

If you are experiencing these aches and pains, you will need more water than the average person. Take on a water therapy challenge. Drink at least 10 to 15 glasses a day to cleanse yourself until your urine is light yellow to clear in color. To maintain a healthy endocrine system, drink a glass of water every time you just peed. Drinking slowly, like 3 gulps every 5 minutes. This will help the body absorb the water instead of just peeing it out as fast as it came in.

For better health, make it a rule in your life: Drink a glass of water after every pee.

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