What Makes You Beautiful

You might think that the title of this post is misleading for why would I write about a teeny bopper song. But no, you are in the right place and my story is really about this popular song by the young group One Direction entitled “What Makes You Beautiful.”

This afternoon, hubby told me that the family is going to have dinner on January 31 for Chinese New Year. I thought, okay fine, because at the back of my mind, I assumed that it was another family gathering of my husband’s side of the family (uncles, aunties, and cousins). We always do that and I am very comfortable in that group. Then I remembered that this is not going to be a family affair but rather a ticketed affair for the Chinese-Filipino community of Bacolod City. I am not even sure who organized the event.

Alright, I felt like a clumsy, shy teenager, like this girl in the One Direction music video. LOL Photo is a screen capture from the video.

I am not sure why but a wave of panic came over me. Maybe it is because I haven’t gone out for awhile that I have not physically maintained myself. For one, I combed my hair maybe just once a week. I have not done some personal stuff, like had a haircut in ten months, a facial for more than a year, and clean my toe nails for two weeks. I know, it’s icky, but sorry, I had just been a busy mom lately with online stuff, the baby, and of course, Dindin’s requirements at school. Sleep had been elusive and it seems that I have a hovering headache that doesn’t go away. To top it all off, I couldn’t think of what to wear because as you know, I have already decided to keep on wearing on my generic V Neck shirts. Now, I would have to think of what else to wear and it is stressing me out. hahaha  So I said I don’t want to go.

Dennis asked me why. I said, I don’t know, but somehow I felt insecure. During this exchange, we were actually chatting on Facebook. For a moment, he didn’t reply but when he did, this is what he said:

“♪ You’re insecure, ♫ ♬ Don’t know what for, ♪
Baby you light up my world like nobody else, The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell, You don’t know, Oh, oh, You don’t know you’re beautiful…
If only you saw what I can see, You’d understand why I want you so desperately, Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe, You don’t know, Oh, oh, You don’t know you’re beautiful, Oh, oh, That’s what makes you beautiful.”

hihihi Okay…I’m kilig again! hahaha He just knows how to push the right buttons. LOL Alright, hubby had not always been like this. I mean, when we were still dating, he was kinda clueless. But eventually, he learned how to tickle my fancy and he has been pretty good at it. hahaha Wala lang… simple joys in marriage. 😀

Anyway, here is a video of One Direction with their very popular song, What Makes You Beautiful.

68 thoughts on “What Makes You Beautiful

  1. Soo nice naman. Dapat kahit married na may kilig factor parin. 🙂 that’s definitely one of the ways to make relationship stronger. More kilig to come! 😀

  2. waah,wish my husband do the same so i would get insecure but sometimes wishful thinking nalang..you’re very lucky!

  3. is when my husband tells me”iloveyou”everyday!hahaha,,thats what makes me beautiful and feeling comfortable!

  4. My little girl love this song so much that she always watch it again and again. And so sweet naman both of you, kainggit much…:-)

  5. teeheee!! so kilig naman.. even me at this time of our being husband and wife for almost 6 yrs na iinsecure pa rin ako . and i think natural lang for us girls to be like that 🙂 hahaha btw i like that song from one direction lakas maka bata 🙂

  6. what makes me beautiful is when my husband introduces me to his relatives proudly with love and no hesitations!

  7. aww. sweet! There are times I also feel insecure but glad that I got married to a man who makes me laugh everyday. His Hugs, kisses,surprises and “i love you’s” make me feel beautiful and take away those insecurities!

  8. sweet thought remain forever in our heart,simple gesture but makes you fell you’re really loved

  9. Even though I have weight issues, my husband is always there for me, making me feel loved and less insecure.

  10. One of my favorite posts!! This very funny and your husband really does know you well very good for him. You are a great person and stay happy and beautiful. Girl Power!

  11. what mahes me beautiful is that when he’s telling me im beautiful even if i just got up on bed every morning!

  12. just by seeing my kids grow healthy and beautiful makes me feel im beautiful,no matter what challenges or things that come my way!

  13. when my husband tells me that i am the only girl in his life no matter what happens!and it makes my heart go fonder!

  14. when he’s telling me that i dont need to put make up anymore because i always look stunning and lovely to his eyes!

  15. every woman wanna look their best for their husband,but just by having the assurance from our partner no matter what we look ,it can makes feel loved and in heaven,the feeling i really miss ..

  16. My hubby seldom says about being beautiful, because he doesn’t talks much his feelings. But when he admires just a simple telling me i look good on my outfit, it really means a lot too to me.. 🙂

  17. what makes me beautiful is when my husband doesn’t want me to wear sexy dresses because he dont want me to be notice by men out there,,,because he feels jealous!haha

  18. i think my song for me think im so beautiful is the song of cristina aguillera.i am beautiful,no matter what they say,words cant bring me down,i am beautiful today,yeeh,i am unique and beautiful in my own way 🙂

  19. when my husband asked me for a date this coming valentines day!gosh!im so excited!it really makes me beautiful over and over again!

  20. What Makes me beautful,just seeing my kids happy and growing healthy,smart and good abiding citizen,being a good and a role model mother is one of the ways of being beautiful

  21. Wow! your patner in life is so sweet na0mn,Family oriented tlga sya at ganun ka din nmn sis,mapagmahal sa Family at mga kids! 😉

  22. when somebody tells me that i look younger than my original age,,they always mistaken me as a teenage girl.it makes me flatter,really!

  23. i think for today what makes me beautiful is seeing my son grow up as a kind hearted man and getting ready for a better future,it makes so feel proud and very very beautiful

  24. It makes me beautiful also if i do good things in return to those people who backfight me behind my back.

  25. The song really have a great lyrics, at kinikilig din ako sa inyong dalawa hahaha I’m single so the kilig factor I get is when seeing boy bands wow me LOL or when I see my Internet BF (celebrity crush ako lang ang may alam na kami hahaha) But I feel beautiful when I make someone happy or I feel really appreciated by my love ones.

  26. I love this lyrics na talaga ”Baby you light up my world like nobody else,
    The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,
    But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell,” kahit paulit ulit kong pinapakinggan hndi nkakasawa! 🙂

  27. when my husband tells me he loves me even im not that perfect wife material to him.He loves me for who i am now and then.He loves me whole-heartedly!oh!i love my husband so much!

  28. last night i told my hubby that i have no beautiful dress to wear on our valentines date,but he said that,,i have nothing to worry about because it doesn’t matter to him if what dress i will wear,what matter is..i am with him to celebrate a special day!KILIG MUCH!!!

  29. My patner in life makes me Beautiful sumtimes..Sometimes lang ..LOL..kc minsan lang hndi nya ako awayin..:))

  30. for today,my husband makes me beautiful by simply greeting me on our anniversary,how i wish we could celebrate our anniversary and valentines together

  31. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY PO!!this is it!this is really is it is it!!!haha,,very excited lng for our date!but before i go for i date,i just wanna say,,it really makes you beautiful when there is someone who is willing to be with you and fight for you even if you are in a complicated situation……

  32. Happy Hearts Day!! sad for us we can’t be together with my lovey dodey this day, because hes out of town to work. But anyway theres is still a technology that can connect us, a mobile phone. We already greeted him when our little lady woke up awhile ago. Again, Happy Love Day to all of us!!

  33. everyday makes me beautiful because im with my love ones,my hubby and my baby girl.im so very thankful for having them.without them,my life would be incomplete!

  34. I playing this song yesterday,when my niece asking me ano ang tittle nyan auntie? i said ”Whats Makes you Beautiful by One direction,sabi nya wow ganda ng lyrics!

  35. hmm,i just the beautiful girl by jose marie chan,my husband loves that song and i know im his one and only beautiful girl

  36. it really makes me beautiful when my hubby is exerting his efforts just to make us feel that we are important to him and how he loves us!

  37. It makes me Beautiful everytime na si hubby ay may surprised pra sa akin,jzt like on Valentines day! so inLove!

  38. i feel beautiful today because my kids now appreciate my recipe,they love my adobo and im very proud that now im more improving in cooking!

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