Why the Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano Engagement Made Me Happy

As one of Philippine showbiz’ handsomest and long-staying couples with a rather ideal relationship, the announcement of their engagement is much awaited. Yes, it’s true, Toni Gonzaga is engaged to long-time beau Direk Paul Soriano.

The tender moment that Toni and Paul shared after she said “Yes” to his marriage proposal. I believe this photo is from Alex Gonzaga.

For someone like me who is not really the fan type, it is something for me to really admire Toni Gonzaga. In fact, I admire her so much that I have told Dennis (my husband) that if our daughters would pursue the path of show business, I would like them to emulate the life and career of Miss Gonzaga because she is such a role model. She is not only very talented–good singing voice, engaging hosting skills, convincing acting capability–but she is also a respectful daughter and a woman of strong faith and convictions. From the outside looking in, it seems that she has been discipled very well. Indeed, she makes good girls look cool.

With her much-publicized engagement, I learned that Soriano already proposed last January 21, after Toni’s 31st birthday dinner and she accepted. They did not announce it until almost 2 weeks later because Toni said there are just things that one wants to savor just by yourself or with your family. Yes, even celebs can choose to keep their private moments private if they want to. With that, Toni did not report for work last January 25 at The Buzz that she co-hosts because she doesn’t feel like spilling it yet to her colleagues Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino and if she went to work, she might end up lying, which she doesn’t want to do.

Toni and Paul were interviewed by Kris Aquino at The Buzz where they revealed that they are indeed engaged.

Soriano went to their home past midnight, ask the parents’ permission, was escorted to the second floor by the parents where the bedrooms are, uttered some sweet words to Toni, then offered her a ring. What amazed me in all that was the revelation that the second floor of their home was off limits to Paul. That means when he gets to visit, they only stay in the common areas. Nice! I also learned something admirable during her interview with Miss Aquino at The Buzz when Toni clarified rumors that she had a fight with her Mom. Toni said that she can never pick a fight with her mom. It is a rule in their home that children could and should not fight with the parents because they are a different league from the children. Not only is this biblical because children ought to honor and respect their parents, but Toni and her sister Alex do abide by it. What lovely children!

Being a mom to two daughters, how I pray I would see my kids grow up to be like them or better than them in all aspects. But of course, I guess it should also start being at least half the mom that Mrs. Pinty Gonzaga is. Good job with raising, protecting, and praying for your daughters, mommy! 😀

And lastly, congratulations to Toni and Paul on your engagement. You may not know me, but I sure am happy about this. God bless you in the preparations to your wedding and in your marriage. I am happy because you are blessed with what is now the happiest moment in your life. I am happy that you model upholding principles and respect to parents and you still get the love of your life. I am happy that you are showing the world that you can love God and obey your parents and still be cool. I am happy because you are such an inspiration to many young women out there who are waiting for love. Keep being an inspiration.

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