Wife Beater Caught on Cam

Last night, we were watching the evening news while having dinner when the newscaster apologized for the highly sensitive video clip that will ensue. As it turned out, a concerned neighbor took a video of a gory scene at his neighbor’s backyard. I am not sure if it was a digicam that he used with canon camera batteries or a cellphone camera.

The video was not HD was we can clearly see that a husband was beating his wife so bad. First her cornered her and punched her face several times. Then holding her hair, he dragged her outside in the mud, as it was raining outside and the ground is wet. There he punched her again and kicked her several times. Then he got what looked like a long piece of wood and started hitting her. He dragged her again to the other side of the house, hit her with the wood like he was batting a ball, and then kicked her.

He did this while shouting invectives at her in their native language. The wife begged for mercy but her cries reached deaf ears. It was really a horrible scene. The concerned neighbor reported the incident to the police. The wife was all swollen all over. When the cops went to the house and the husband’s favorite places to hang out, he was already gone.

My goodness! I wonder how long he had been doing this? It was really horrifying to watch. I am also a wife and I could not imagine such cruelty. I wonder what the wife had done to irk the husband? But even if she did something wrong, did she really deserve to be beaten that way? I really feel bad for the wife. I pray for her healing and for justice to be served.

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