Yakimix SM Bacolod: Japanese Food Haven

Eat-all-you-can Japanese buffet
Yakimix Bacolod

Irasshaimase! You have now entered Yakimix SM Bacolod.

I am an Asian halo-halo. By lineage I am Chinese, but I am often mistaken as a Korean because of my looks, even by real Koreans. But in reality, it is Japanese food I have always loved.

Yesterday, I was invited for the opening of Yakimix SM Bacolod, a Japanese restaurant franchise that specializes in Japanese food buffet. Yes, you read it right–an eat-all-you-can buffet of Japanese food, located on the restaurant row of the SM City Bacolod north wing. It is a Japanese restaurant for Japanese food lovers who want to overload.
Yakimix Bacolod is located at the restaurant row of SM City Bacolod north wing.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
The neat dining area at Yakimix Bacolod.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
Food displays

Just like the Japanese who like order and precision, Yakimix Bacolod is neatly arranged. The food aisle and the dining area are clearly segregated. But it was not clinical at all. There’s just that–order. I think my wife would like it. She says that order has something to do with one enjoying a great meal. Or something like that.

Yakimix Bacolod
Yakiniku station–there are so many choices!
Yakimix Bacolod
Yakiniku Grill on our table.
Yakimix Bacolod
There are so many different sushi and sashimi here.
Now to the food area. They have many different food stations. Of course, you will find a wide array of sushi and sashimi that can fill you up to your heart’s desire. But before you get carried away, you will want to know that they also have the yakiniku station with more than 30 items to choose from, I believe, from chicken, to beef, to pork, to seafood. Plus, they also have a soup as well as a sukiyaki station and an area for pre-cooked food that includes…tadah!…TEMPURA! And oh, did I already mention that they have a salad bar as well?
Yakimix Bacolod
Endless tempura.
Yakimix Bacolod
Salad bar
Yakimix Bacolod
Sukiyaki station — one of my favorites.
Yakimix Bacolod
Dimsum station
Yakimix SM Bacolod
There are pre-cooked dishes, too.
Yakimix Bacolod
Just for variety, you may want to try these other dishes, too.
But aside from the meals, you also get unlimited drinks (soda and premix juices) and desserts that include cakes, chocolate fondue, a make your own halo-halo bar, and ice cream.
Yakimix SM Bacolod
Desserts station.
It is a pretty good deal. So if you are a Japanese food lover, this place is for you. I liked the food and what they have to offer. But I didn’t enjoy much my first visit because my wife wasn’t with me. Half of my dining pleasure happens when my wife is with me because she is my dining buddy. So even if the food is good (Really good!!), it’s not as pleasurable when it’s not with her. I guess the saying is true, the food becomes more delicious when you share it with someone you love. So next time I visit, it shall be with her. 😀
Yakimix Bacolod
Unlimited drinks

Yakimix Bacolod schedule and rates

Yakimix Bacolod is open daily for lunch, from 11:30am to 3pm, and for dinner, from 6pm to 10pm.
Monday – Friday except public holidays
Lunch: P499
Dinner: P599Sat, Sun & Holiday
Lunch/Dinner: P599Children Below 3ft: FREE
Children Below 4ft: P299
Leftover Charges P700 (on top of the meal rates, so you better get what you can only finish)
5% Service Charge

For reservations, call: (034)435-2589, (034)435-2685

Yakimix SM Bacolod
Sauces to enhance your meal.

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