All Work and No Play

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Or so the saying goes…Why does it always have to be about Jack anyway? hehe

I guess Jack epitomizes what everyone needs–some rest and recreation in between all the stress and work that we face each day. Whatever our jobs are or our lot in life, we have to somehow find something that will take our minds off our everyday life. That helps keep our sanity on.

Otherwise, we will end up like those people who run amuck or those who just jump off buildings to end their lives. Gee.

That is why I am just thankful that this afternoon, we brought our baby to BREDCO port so that she can get some fresh air. She has been coughing since last week and although her condition is not severe, she still has some phlegm and she is coughing from time to time. Afterwards we passed by SM Department Store to see if their diaper is really on sale. And it was except that because SM prices are much higher than others, even their sale price could not be felt that much. So we no longer bought diapers. We also went around the toys section for a little while before we went home.

That little time that we spent going around boosted my spirits. I dunno, I felt lighter after. I have been cooped up in our room for several days because of work that I need some time off.

But you know what? What I would really like is a three-week to one-month Europe holidays! Wow! That would be a dream. I say three weeks because with the travel time to and from Europe would take up so much time. Two weeks would not be enough. So for a faraway place like Europe, one month is ideal. Someday…

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