Congressman Kiko Benitez Impressed by MORE Power’s Cutting-Edge Facilities

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Negros Occidental 3rd District Representative Hon. Francisco Benitez recently paid a visit to MORE Power in Iloilo City. He had the opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art facilities and essential operations of the power distribution company. During his visit, Congressman Benitez expressed his admiration for MORE Power’s impressive infrastructure and its significant role in supporting Iloilo’s progress. The congressman was totally impressed with MORE Power’s technologically updated facilities and excellent services.

MORE Power’s Modern Facilities

Congressman Benitez had the chance to tour several key installations and departments at MORE Power. This includes modern substations, the control center, and the customer care department. This firsthand experience allowed him to personally see how MORE Power efficiently manages its daily operations, serving thousands of consumers in Iloilo. This role is instrumental in contributing to Iloilo’s success as a thriving techno-hub in the region.

House Bill 9310 has Congressman Kiko Benitez’s Support

Hon. Francisco Benitez is among the authors of House Bill 9310, a crucial legislative initiative. The aim of this Bill is to establish a franchise for Negros Electric and Power Corporation. Negros Electric and Power Corporation or NEPC was formed via a Joint Venture Agreement between Primelectric Holdings Incorporated and Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. or CENECO, the current distribution utility of Central Negros after a plebiscite was held the previous months.

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Congressman Kiko Benitez with Mr. Roel Castro in Iloilo City.

Primelectric which became NEPC is a sister company of MORE Power. If Congress grants NEPC a franchise, this will facilitate the improvement of power services in Negros. Congressman Benitez emphasized the need for this franchise, as it holds the promise of more reliable and affordable electricity for the region.

Addressing Consumer Concerns

Power consumers in Negros are worried about outdated infrastructure, frequent and prolonged outages, and poor customer satisfaction. Despite modern times, high monthly power costs add to their concerns. These issues drive their support for the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with CENECO, aimed at improving service quality.

Challenges and Opposition

While the JVA proposal has gained significant support from consumers, it has also faced opposition. Congressman Benitez acknowledged that some of the objections come from CENECO employees who express uncertainty about the future under privatization. Such concerns are natural during the transition to a new operational model. Still, Congressman Benitez believes that the benefits of a more efficient and reliable power system outweigh these initial apprehensions.

The Impact on Economic Growth

Rolling brownouts and unpredictable outages harm regional economic growth and industries. Expanding BPO and digital services requires a reliable power supply. The opening of Landers Bacolod at Megaworld’s The Upper East allegedly was delayed due to insufficient power supply for the superstore’s operations.

Congressman Benitez stressed the importance of overcoming these challenges to support the region’s economic development.

Efficiency and Reliability

During his visit, Congressman Benitez praised MORE Power for its efficiency and reliability in power distribution and customer service. These commendable results are the fruits of MORE Power’s investments in upgrading infrastructure and strengthening its human resources. These enhancements have played a pivotal role in delivering a superior power service to the consumers in the region.

Looking Ahead

Congress is currently in recess. But Congressman Benitez hopes to see House Bill 9310 receive approval in the first quarter of 2024 when the session resumes. The Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) is designed to benefit the consumers in Central Negros who desire improved power services and infrastructure.

According to MORE Power and NEPC President Mr. Roel Castro, the JVA is not only essential but also a necessary step for Central Negros consumers. Financial difficulties and infrastructure limitations make it challenging for CENECO to meet the growing energy demand. This venture is a solution that can address these issues and bring positive changes for the consumers in the region.

Congressman Kiko Benitez‘s visit to MORE Power made him see further the significance of this initiative in improving power distribution and addressing the pressing concerns of the consumers in Negros. The proposed JVA offers a promising path toward a more efficient, reliable, and affordable power supply that will contribute to the region’s continued progress.

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