Four Fun Watersports to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Fun Watersports for the Summer

Summertime and exotic vacations and fun watersports seem to go hand-in-hand, with everyday people looking to explore and experience new things on the beautiful coasts of gorgeous islands across the world.

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Here are the top fun watersports that you can do this summer.

However, while some people are satisfied with sitting on the seashores and watching the sunsets or rises, others are more adventurous with high hopes of adding something new to their summer agenda.

This article covers the fun of a few water sports; ones that will bring out the adventure in your destination vacation.

Fun Watersports to Indulge In

1) Snorkeling to Experience a Whole New Underwater World

Delve into the underwater world of sea creatures and amazing things when you snorkel. Some people are afraid of what lurks beneath the water, but you might be surprised at the beauty you encounter under the surface.

fun watersports - summer - summer vacation - family travel - Bacolod blogger - snorkeling
Snorkeling is great, even for the whole family.

Yes, there are things to be afraid of in open oceans, but don’t let those fears keep you from pulling on a snorkel mask to enjoy the wonders that make those scary thoughts disappear.

2) Sailing to Feel the Wind in Your Hair and the Sun on Your Face

Sailing is one of those experiences that you need to have on your bucket list for the sheer enjoyment of having the wind in your hair, the sunshine on your face, and your destination in your hands. Tip: If you’re sailing alone, make sure you check your sailboat over for any damage before you get in the water after a long stint away.

fun watersports - summer - summer vacation - family travel - Bacolod blogger - snorkeling - sailing
Go sailing. Photographer: Oliver Sjöström,

Something amiss? Replace what you need to replace with discount boat parts that have maintained their integrity and quality.

3) Surfing for a Sense of Freedom and Control of the Waves

When you’re surfing on the ocean waves, all you can feel is freedom and control over the elements. You feel like all of your cares are melting away in that one instance when you seem to be at one with the waves.

fun watersports - summer - summer vacation - family travel - Bacolod blogger - snorkeling
Catch the waves. In the Philippines, there are so many surf sports like Siargao.

Sure, it takes practice to get there, but the beauty of surfing is that the whole process of learning is fun too.

4) Spearfishing for the Fun of Learning a New Way to Catch Dinner

If wherever you are offers spearfishing as a way to snag your own seafood dinner, you should absolutely sign up for the experience. If you have the whole family with you, it would be much more exciting. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as catching your own meals and having them fried up on a smoky campfire right in front of you. It’s an empowering experience and the children will be absolutely thrilled!

While the holidays are still here, use some of your spare time this Christmas to plan for the coming summer vacation.

If all four fun watersports seem unreachable to you, do try to spend at least a day at a local waterpark in Iloilo especially if you have children. From Bacolod City, going to Iloilo is pretty easy with so many ferry options available. You may want to try out FastCat Ferry and bring along your vehicle so you can drive around the City of Love.


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