Loving Him as He Is

Today, as I spent time with God, the song “Beloved” sprang to mind. I sang it for awhile and then stopped when I reached this part–“You loved me as I am…”

Then I thought, it can also pertain to me, my husband, and other people–to love them as they are for God also loved me as I am. I mean I know about loving others, it is just that God reminded me this morning about it. My husband is not perfect. But by worldly standards, he is by far for me the best, the nicest husband that one could ever have–sweet gentle, thoughtful, responsible, affectionate, and very helpful. He is also a good provider to our family. While others equate being a good provider as bringing home a fat paycheck, for me my husband is still a good provider. His income is not big, that is why I also need to work, but whatever he makes, he gives them to me. So that is why he is a good provider. It may not be in the amount, but in the thought. So that means, if he makes more someday, he will still give it to us–for the family’s welfare. 😀

However, he does have his quirks that sometimes irk me. And I would get so irritated by them that I am tempted to just get into a bad mood and give him the cold shoulder. While a lot of women would rather lash out or nag, I tend to keep quiet and become aloof when I am irritated. That would make my husband feel bad and in turn, that would be the start of a fight. hehe

Oh well, I guess that is part of marriage and loving him. And God is reminding me to love my husband as he is.

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