Mimi Alford | The Teen-aged Other Woman of JFK Who Knows Her Place

A “Good Example” of the “Other Woman”

Now the name of one woman is making waves all across the globe. And that woman is Mimi Alford, a 69-year-old grandmother who has just released a tell-all book about her sexual relationship with one of the most powerful man in the world–President John F. Kennedy. In other words, she was the, or probably one of the, kept women of JFK.

An Autobiography

Her book, Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath, details Mimi’s 18-month relationship with the former US president. This happened during her stint as a White House intern when she was just 19 years old. She also revealed that she was a virgin back then. Moreover, it was the president who became the first man in her life.

Even when Mimi left the White House for further studies, the president continued to contact her using a different name. It was not sure if JFK gave Mimi college financing or any monetary support at all. But it was clear that he was smitten with her.

Unique Relationship

I believe he is not a guy who gets easily swayed by emotions. He was after all, the head of state of the world’s most powerful nation. However, at one point, a simple girl caught his attention.

But what was weird was that, Mimi recalled that he even asked her one time to give a head to his friend, David Powers, while he watched. For the prudish wife in me, that is something repulsive.

Intimate But No Strings Attached

I am quite sure that it was just a sexual relationship but with no strings attached. That is because while the President continued to pursue her, Mimi was often just picked up and brought to his chambers whenever Mrs. Jackie Kennedy was not at home.

And throughout their relationship, everything was just about intercourse. As she recounted, the President never even kissed Mimi on the mouth. There were no endearments and Mimi continued to refer to JFK as “Mr. President.”

Proper Etiquette of the Other Woman

I am the legal wife that my husband prayed for, so for me, infidelity is such a big issue. However, I cannot help but think that Mimi Alford was the epitome of how the other woman should behave.

I will not comment on the other things about this story except the fact that Mimi handled everything with grace. She accepted her part as the “other woman” or the “other woman”.

What the Other Woman Can Learn

Mistresses are considered the bane of marriages. It does take two to tango. The relationship will not form if the husband is not party to the illicit affair. However, let’s face it, society looks down upon the other woman. She is often called by derogatory names, like homewrecker, among many other vile things.

But Mimi was different. Here are the reasons why and what mistresses can learn from her:

  • She was young but acted with wisdom and prudence.
  • She kept her mouth shut.
  • She waited for her man to come to her or until he would call for her.
  • She never spoke about their relationship in public at that time.
  • She never felt her position to be higher than the wife.
  • She knew her place and followed “orders.”
  • She did not destroy the man’s marriage nor his family.
  • She did not have a child or children with him.

Going Public

Mimi has revealed her relationship with JFK after decades of being silent. Whey she chose to speak up now is beyond me. After all, she is already a senior citizen and maybe would not want her story to die with her.

But the fact of the matter is, the entire Kennedy household is already gone. It’s public knowledge that JFK, his wife Jackie, and their only son John Jr. have passed away already. There are no reported surviving heirs. So maybe Mimi just wants to immortalize her story. If it wasn’t true, however, well, nobody could vet their clandestine love affair anymore.

In the present times, many women have attempted to link their names to powerful people. Even if they just spent a one-night stand with an actor or politician, they feel that they have all the right to flaunt it. They don’t think of the repercussions, including destroying the marriage or hurting the children.

I guess for them, it is instant fame. And the worse are the women who would like to have more rights than the legal wives. They demand more attention, more time, more love, and more money. That is really tasteless.

The Classy Woman

If there is anything that the other woman could learn from Mimi Alford, that is class. She may have been a mistress, but she rightfully knew her place. I am not in a position to judge other women and their choices in life. And certainly, I am not lauding the position of being the kept woman.

However, if you are, you can really learn a lot from Mimi Alford. If you want more than this, then maybe it’s time to be called someone else’s wife. You are no longer fit to be the other woman.

8 thoughts on “Mimi Alford | The Teen-aged Other Woman of JFK Who Knows Her Place

  1. great post.. if i were to talk to her I would ask her what made her come out just now? what is it president’s and interns anyway?

    1. maybe it is also admiration. i think it is the fact that the most important person in the country takes an interest in you…but little did they know that they are just being used.

  2. Same thoughts as the commenter above. I wonder why she has chosen to come out now? Seems like a long time before she decided to do so. Ugh, some men are just perverted, taking advantage of their subordinates 🙁

    1. thinking of the same too. maybe she thinks she needs the world to know before she dies? and after all, the family of JFK are already dead.

  3. So its true from one book about JFK that he did have a “relationship” with White House intern…only this time with picture! Hmmm, I think its already expected from most politicians to have someone other than their legal wives….sad! Pity for both the wives and “someone” :(. Thanks for this info though. What a tragedy to Kennedy family…

  4. I actually read this sa Yahoo News..actually lots of people questioning why she has to tell all this if after all it was all in the past na daw…
    sabi ng iba siguro for publicity para sa libro..whatever it is..si Mimi lang nakakaalam..anyway its her life..
    this kind of affair should not be flaunt..you know..

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