Moving Forward in Age

No matter how much the denial, it is happening. All of us grow old. And it is apparent mostly on our skin, if not our maturity.

Most women would want to delay aging by applying beauty stuff on their faces, like archipelago botanicals, just so they could prevent the hastening of the process.

Others resort to more invasive procedures like cosmetic surgery. But that is the most that we can do. All these things are superficial but no matter what, it will happen.

So how are we preparing for old age?

Apart from the physical, there are also psychological, emotional, and spiritual factors you have to take into consideration. Have you thought about this other than the wrinkles? I really think that I should already look into this after I was told by my optometrist today that my eyesight is already getting affected because of age. hehe

4 thoughts on “Moving Forward in Age

  1. I don’t think I can go under the knife just to delay the aging but I love experimenting and trying new products on my body (not on my face as I get zits with new products). I agree that emotional and spiritual factors contribute too to looking young. It shows in our face if we are happy, contended and living a peaceful life. Less stress means less wrinkles. 🙂

  2. Your post reminds me that I’m getting older every day. Lol! I hope I’m also getting wiser and more beautiful as I age. Don’t all women like that?

  3. That’s why I’m using more natural products on my face now. I won’t go under the knife or needle, for that matter, just to delay aging 🙂

  4. Growing old is inevitable. No matter how hard we try to delay it, we will still have wrinkles on our face. For me, my mental, emotional and psychological maturity are more important. And if we are able to be matured and understanding enough in all aspects then that’s the time we can all say that we are aging beautifully.

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