PLDT Home First to Launch PH’s Fastest, 10,000 Mbps Internet

PLDT Home launches the first-ever 10,000 Mbps fiber-optic service in the Philippines in a history-making move towards the future of home connectivity. Metro Manila has first dibs on this ultra-high-speed internet starting next month.

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Stress is inevitable. But we can manage it so that it will not ruin our crowning glory. Creating work-life balance is very difficult. While you need to work hard to build your career, you need to work some more to balance out your life outside of your job or your business. It can really be […]

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Fix Your Finances After Bad Credit Loans

If you have had bad credit and had to make bad credit loans in order to get through, don’t feel bad or ashamed. The richest people do make loans and some even had bad credit. They even have bigger loans to pay for because they also have bigger debts. The question is, what do you […]

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Moving Forward in Age

No matter how much the denial, it is happening. All of us grow old. And it is apparent mostly on our skin, if not our maturity. Most women would want to delay aging by applying beauty stuff on their faces, like archipelago botanicals, just so they could prevent the hastening of the process. Others resort […]

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Home Improvement

Buying a Floating Island

If you have £3 million on the spare, would you buy the Orsos floating island? According to Daily Mail: The Osros floating Island was designed to offer the billionaire superyacht lifestyle for mere millionaire money. It boasts six luxury double bedrooms, with space for 12 residents and accommodation for up to four staff members, all […]

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Musings For Our Fifth Anniversary

Wow! I just realized that it is going to be our fifth anniversary soon. How time flies indeed. Five years is indeed another milestone. When I looked up the anniversary gems, the fifth year is symbolized by the blue sapphire. The color and stone of royalty. So many things have happened in the past five […]

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