Musings For Our Fifth Anniversary

Wow! I just realized that it is going to be our fifth anniversary soon.

How time flies indeed. Five years is indeed another milestone. When I looked up the anniversary gems, the fifth year is symbolized by the blue sapphire. The color and stone of royalty.

So many things have happened in the past five years. Not all of them were rosy but we had many happy days. We have been blessed with one daughter, and honestly at this point, I am just so happy with her already. I mean, I am already content and fulfilled that I have one child.

Well, yeah, I had desired for a son, but right now, I am just very happy with Dindin.

So what are our plans for our anniversary? Hmmm…nothing grand really. I have not thought much about it either. The anniversary is just one day. True, I will really make the day special, but I would also like to commit to make everyday very special for hubby and myself.

Thank God for His grace that sustained this marriage through its highs and lows. I love you, Babe. 😀

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