Paying Off Participation Damage

When we were on vacation in Cebu, my parents borrowed our car. It was not half a day that they used it and my father backed up the car while somebody was driving forward.

No, my father is not a bad driver. He had been driving most of his life and has not hurt anybody with his driving. However, I think he lacked sleep because my mother is ill and he was probably nervous about my mother’s situation. Add to that the fact that he is not used to driving out car. Oh well, accidents happen.

Thank God that it was just a minor incident that my parents were not hurt and only a bit shaken, especially my mother, who was on the way to the doctor’s clinic because of her bleeding. The bump just created a small dent on the other person’s car and a few scratches on ours.

But the sad thing is, the other car was a new one so the owner was all too eager to have it repaired. And he wants it repaired at the dealership because he wants the paint to be the same shade. It is completely understandable.

While the damage is not much, well, we still had to shell out P4,000 for participation damages. We do not have comprehensive accident insurance but even if we have, we will still have to pay the amount. It was small enough that we have to shoulder it and not big enough that we should go into structured settlements. But still, that was a big amount to come out of our pockets.

Oh well…that was an experience. And well, we will just earn the money. We will just have to make some sacrifices.

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