Pearls from Davao

For the love of pearl jewelry

I have traveled to Davao City several times in the past and every time I am there, I make sure that I visit that market selling local stuff–from beaded accessories, to hand-woven tapestries, and of course, pearls! These are some of the things that Davao is famous of, aside from of course, durian and pomelo.

Needless to say, I love pearl jewelry and freshwater pearls are very affordable in this part of the country. So while I can’t afford to buy deep-sea Mikimotos, these cultured pearls are fine for me. It is just too bad that I have not gone back to Davao City for a very long time now. If I could someday, I would visit that market again and buy more jewelry because of their low prices.

Last year, I bought a necklace and bracelet set made of fresh water pearls beads at The Store of SM City Bacolod. It was made by the local brand, Kultura. It is very nice but of course, but quiet expensive because it’s bought in the mall. But I fell in love with it so I bought it. hehe Look at the photo below. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Fresh water pearl necklace and bracelet set by Kultura at SM City Bacolod. Beautiful craftsmanship.

We visited Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan Cities in the past recent years with my husband and eldest daughter but we never got to reach Davao. Maybe again someday, and I am really hoping to bring the entire family there. 😀 And maybe by that time, I can already afford a visit to the Pearl Farm. Or maybe if someone will sponsor us? hihi Now that would be a massive dream come true for me.

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