Times are really hard, we cannot deny that, because it is happening anywhere and everywhere in the world.

But this year had been especially hard for my family (husband, baby, and me) because of sickness. We have been scrimping on food, dates, and even our special dates with our baby. If we could help it, we just go out to have free fun during weekends.

This is because we have some debts to pay and we would like to pay them off the soonest way possible. And the only way is to earn more and spend less and pay more for our debts.

Even our groceries are kept to a minimum. My husband wondered why it is taking longer than usual for our baby’s milk to get used up. Then I told him that I only put 1 scoop of milk in her bottle along with 5 scoops of Cerelac. When my husband learned about it he is worried that our baby is not getting enough milk, especially that her eating habit is not regular.

So anyway, I increased her milk to 2 scoops already today. hehe

I am just kinda frustrated that no matter how much I work, it seems that I don’t even have money to buy things for myself. I could not afford even clothes sold on wholesale prices. Sigh…I am still looking up to heaven that someday, the situation of our family will improve. And I am looking for better days ahead.

Our priority now is our needs–bills to pay, Dindin’s milk and vitamins. All other expenses are kept to a minimum. We just hang in there hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for us.

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