Tag: budget

  • When Times Are Hard

    Times are truly tough economically. Most people do not really experience an increase in income but there is a constant increase in expenditure. No wonder that there is difficulty in getting by and many things for the family are sacrificed. That is why the shrewd homemaker holds the family’s purse strings like a security guard. […]

  • Our New TV

    We bought our new LCDTV just before 2010 ended. Why? That is because that was also the last day of the LCDTV sale at the SM Supermarket. Actually, we never did want to buy a TV. For us that is extra expense and an intrusion in our bedroom. But we had no choice because the […]

  • Priorities

    Times are really hard, we cannot deny that, because it is happening anywhere and everywhere in the world. But this year had been especially hard for my family (husband, baby, and me) because of sickness. We have been scrimping on food, dates, and even our special dates with our baby. If we could help it, […]