Romance in the Marriage

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When two people start dating, it is all about the romance and attraction. Some of these relationships end in weddings while some just reach an end.

But when marriage sets in, things change. Here are some of the reasons why romance fizzles out in marriage:

1. Priorities. It seems that when two people get married, the priorities change. It could be family, building a house, building a career, in-laws, or whatever. But if the priority is not the spouse, then chances are, the romance will just die down.

2. Children. While most married couples would want to sire the next generation and a lot of them also go to great lengths in order to produce and offspring, children can also affect the marriage so much. Parents become too involved in taking care of their children that they forget they were a couple first. And when the kids come one after the other, then things just take a turn for the worse.

3. Physical appearance. As we grow older, wrinkles, flab, and many other things happen to our bodies. Some spouses get turned off by these, thereby killing the romance.

4. Physiological reasons. There could be health problems that contribute to this dry spot in our marriages. But like the libido in men, there are ways how to boost testosterone levels if that is the problem. It should be dealt with by a doctor so that it is safe.

We should do everything we can to keep the romance alive in our marriage. We should continue to seek marriage advice on this matter in order to keep the romance alive even if we are already advancing in age. It is not really about s*x but intimacy, affection, and closeness.

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