Starting a Business As a Couple

While a lot of couples may not agree, it would be great to start a business with your spouse. Some people would not agree with this because it may increase conflict and well, they really believe that “familiarity breeds contempt”.

But if you are able to work out your differences, your business would be a force to reckon with because you are two people working as one body–just like how God instituted marriage. The two of you are working for the protection of your assets and you work together to augment each others strengths and weaknesses. It is an ideal set up for a business.

You can just start small. You can apply for loans to start up, like those small business loans san diego, and then just work together to make it grow.

The important thing is that you are clear with your business goals and direction. That is the foundation of your business, so you should agree with that. All the operational details will just fall into place if you align yourselves to the original purpose that you started this business.

My husband and I are working in the same business (though not entirely our own). We even live and work in the same place. Do we have conflicts? Yeah, from time to time. Is the set up perfect? Not really. But it is workable and doable. And you can do it, too.

One thought on “Starting a Business As a Couple”

  1. That is my OFW hubby and my ultimate working work plan as of now. We want a business to co-manage. A business enough to sustain our needs and wants that way…makauwi na si OFW hubby kaya ipon ipon ipon muna talaga

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