Steps to Achieving a Blissful Marriage

These 12 Steps to a Blissful Marriage was something that I read at Reader’s Digest but I thought of re-posting it here. They are actually self-explanatory, but I will write separate articles in the coming days. I already did something about the manners issue.

1. Mind your manners.

2. Introduce variety in your married life.

3. Find a sport or hobby that you both love to do and do it together.

4. Don’t call each other names when fighting. Don’t start a discussion when you’re angry.

5. Make compromises.

6. Tackles all issues pertaining to your marriage and family as one.

7. Do spend time with your friends occasionally so that you can maintain some “distance”–just to make the heart grow fonder.

8. Communicate. Talk your better half about your concerns.

9. Laughter together, even at mistakes. Sometimes, we are too concerned about the little things and sacrifice the more important thing–our marriage.

10. Keep your focus on the love that brought you together, not on the annoying little things that are breaking you apart.

11. Find a ritual or a tradition that you can keep throughout your marriage. It could be a Sunday night movie, a Friday night dinner, a good-morning or good-night kiss…whatever it is. Keep it up.

12. But when things become really difficult and unbearable, go to counseling. Talking to others can really help you.

Having a blissful marriage will surely keep us all away from divorce. So let’s work on it. Yes, marriages require work.

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