blissful marriage


Marriage Needs Work

If someone once told you that marriage was a piece of cake then they must be lying or they have never been married before. Yes, marriage is a slice of heaven, that is, if you are enjoying marital bliss. But if you are a husband stuck with a quarrelsome wife or a wife tied to […]

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Marital Issues

Steps to Achieving a Blissful Marriage

These 12 Steps to a Blissful Marriage was something that I read at Reader’s Digest but I thought of re-posting it here. They are actually self-explanatory, but I will write separate articles in the coming days. I already did something about the manners issue. 1. Mind your manners. 2. Introduce variety in your married life. […]

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Five of the Short-lived Marriages in Hollywood

After the hoopla for the Kim Kardashian divorce, the made a feature about the shortest marriages in Hollywood. I just picked out the top 5. Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner: 4 months Even a tattoo of the wife’s name on his ringer did not make their marriage last. Colin Farrell and British actress Amelia […]

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