Tough One to Crack

It may be ironic but the marriage bond is something that is both tough and fragile at the same time.

You see, in the bible, a single cord may be easily broken but when two people are united in marriage, that is a strong force to reckon with. Not even the hardest concrete blades could cut it. Or at least, that is how God designed this sacred union to be.

But sadly, because of the imperfections of people, the temptations of this world, and an unseen enemy that is happy seeing people live miserable marriages, it is no wonder that a lot of marriage have been weakened, or worse, broken.

For one, people nowadays think that marriage is just a piece of paper and no longer a sacred commitment that you make before God and before man. Sometimes, it is only for formality or just to give a name to an unborn child that was formed out of wedlock. Many marry for the wrong reasons, which is the reason why so many marriages end up in divorce, annulment, or separation. Whatever you call it, that is still considered a broken marriage.

It makes God really sad. But the sadder part is, Christian marriages are also very much affected. So I guess, we just have to pray harder for our marriages to keep them not only intact, but also joyful and productive.

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