Red Flags That Say You’re in an ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP


  1. I’ve never known anyone abusive so this is a bit ‘new’ to me. Thank you, opened up my eyes to such things… 🙁 (sadly)

    1. Author

      My mother was not a victim and I am not either. But I feel so strongly against these abusive partners/spouses. I have been a police reporter for some time and I have seen women up close who were victims of abuse. Not nice.

  2. I had an overly jealous BF back in college. Ironically, he was also a mama’s boy. We lasted for a little over a year until I called it quits. I can not stand being with a man who gets jealous about the most mundane things.

    1. Author

      Hay, I can only imagine. Maloloka yata ako nyan.

  3. This is definitely informative. Women ought to know these things to protect ourselves. Awareness will certainly save you or a friend from an abusive relationship.

  4. At one point in my life, I think I was in one. Good thing that God is so gracious to remove me and my children away from it. As of the moment, I am happy being a single mom. Hard but happy.

    1. Author

      Good for you Marz. And thankfully. you have God and you are surrounded with supportive friends. This, too, shall pass and I know you will find the person who will love you for the child of the King that you are.

  5. I feel so blessed that I’m not in that situation, masisiraan siguro ako ng ulo pag ganyan nakatuluyan ko. Thankful ako sa naging partner ko:)

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