Day: August 31, 2011


Personalized Baby Blankets

There are so many personalized stuff nowadays. In our business, we offer personalized tarpaulin backdrops for birthdays, mugs, sports bottles, and even magnets. We also offer those balloons with stands where you can print on both sides whatever design you may think of. That is because these customized stuff with your own personal stamp just […]

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Marital Issues

No Halloween Parties for Dindin

When we went to the malls recently, I saw that several aisles at the Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, and Toy World are all strewn with Halloween costumes. There were fairy costumes, angel costumes, butterfly get up, elf clothes, witch garb and hat, sorcerer’s robe and hat, pirate costumes, and those zombie hats. I did […]

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