A New BookShelf

Tonight, I met with some members of Negros Bloggers because our immediate past president is leaving for Cagayan de Oro City. While she has lived here for more than six years, her hometown is beckoning so she is going back.

My husband could not join us because Dindin is sick and he has to go back and take care of her. She had colds last Sunday that eventually turned into cough. She has a lot of phlegm that she threw up several times today. I was really distressed and almost did not want to go. But I am still thankful that I met up with May, Dhadha, James, Glady, Sheng and of course Mommy Rubz. I guess it was a break that I needed. We met up at Lion’s Park at Manokan Country.

It was just great to share some concerns and talk your heart out with the people you like and trust. And of course, we had a great meal of chicken inasal and talaba (oysters). Despite my supposedly diet, I scooped up a generous amount of chicken oil drippings and mixed them with my garlic. For flavor, of course I added soy sauce on my rice.  haha I wonder how many calories I ingested for dinner tonight? I guess I can never be as thin as Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi. haha She just had a baby and is hosting a cooking show but how does she manage such a waif like figure? Was she born with it?

Anyway, Mommy Rubz entrusted her wooden bookshelf to us. My husband and I are just so happy because it is such a timely gift. We wanted to get a wooden book shelf for Dindin because we have amassed so many second books already from Book Sale. We thought that she would really enjoyed having her own book cabinet and be able to pull out the books that she wants to read by herself. It would also be easy for me to classify her books. I wish this would be the end of books lying scattered on the bed and floor!

We are just so amazed and humbled because God provided for the needed bookshelf through an unexpected way. Thank you Mommy Rubz for remembering us. 😀 Even though I never mentioned what I needed to you, God must’ve impressed our need in your heart. God bless you with more! 😀

5 thoughts on “A New BookShelf

  1. Thank you so much Marz for all the link love.

    God is good and you know very well that He answers our prayers. 😀

    I hope Dindin would love the cabinet!

  2. Mommies and pretty much everyone else! Please know that I now have a blog contest for Mother’s Day that I hope you can join.

    Remembering Mama Contest

    It’s very easy to do so I hope you all find the time to do so! Hugz! 😀

  3. Wow, that’s great! Be thankful most of all to have a friend like her(mommy Rubz) who gave you the cabinet. Your child surely will be happy with the gift. Good luck to all of you! Wish you best with your family.

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