Celeb Couple Luis and Jessy Manzano Reveal Secrets to YouTube Success

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Celebrity couple Luis Manzano and his wife, Jessy Mendiola-Manzano, are considered fan favorites. They aren’t just two of the most popular personalities in Philippine showbiz. Millions of Filipinos also enjoy them on YouTube with their incredibly relatable videos. Read more about the secret to their YouTube success.

The Secrets to the Manzano Couple’s YouTube Success

Luis and Jessy are known content creators that consistently produce highly entertaining content.

Across their individual channels, the Manzanos have a combined total of 2.78 million subscribers on the platform. It’s a whopping amount that proves that their fans love to keep coming back for their content that reflects their bright and bubbly personalities while discussing a wide variety of engaging topics, and must-see guests.

When he’s not documenting trips and adventures together with Jessy, Luis likes to talk to his many friends and fellow showbiz personalities in his “Luis Listens” series. Luis’ natural knack for comedy and good vibes pulls in hundreds of thousands of views for every video.

Meanwhile, Jessy loves giving fans glimpses and looks into her everyday life, as well as making fun videos with her friends. From unboxing videos, travel vlogs, fashion hauls, and fittings, as well as self-reflection, Jessy provides positivity and cheerfulness that have proven to be really popular, raking in views by the hundreds of thousands.

Jessy shares, “I want my channel to reach so many people. I want to inspire them by sharing my life and personal stories with them. I’m really grateful that I get to share a part of me with my subscribers.  It is through my YouTube channel that they get to know and appreciate the real Jessy.”

One of Jessy’s most popular videos titled “Wifey vs Momski: Who knows Lucky better?” shows not only her trademark cheer but also highlights how close she is with her mother-in-law, the one and only Star for All Seasons, Vilma Santos. The lighthearted quiz revealed how Luis got his nickname (Lucky) and showed how the family enjoy making each other laugh.

Looking Back

“I started my Youtube channel in November 2018. I wasn’t really active until I married Luis. I started producing more content when I finally found my niche and genuine happiness.” Jessy further reveals, “My vlogs changed my perspective in a lot of ways. My YouTube channel inspired me to show the real me and be more open to the world. It helped me go back to my core and be true to myself.”

“I promised myself to always put out real and authentic content because my subscribers and viewers appreciated me more when I started showing my true self,” she continued.

A Trusted Partner Behind the Camera

Luis and Jessy work with a trusted and creative team that helps them produce their content. Jessy shares, “My team has been with me for four years. They’ve been with me since I started my YouTube channel. They pushed me and encouraged me to try exploring this space of digital content creation. It opened a lot of new opportunities for me. And I’m very grateful to them for staying with me through these years.”

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~ PLDT Home ambassadors Luis and Jessy Manzano at home. ~

For Jessy, having a reliable and collaborative production team has helped her grow her channel. “It’s a collaborative work between my editor and me. It’s so important to get along with your team. They make sure to put my personal touch on my YouTube videos,” she says. 

Aside from their prolific production team behind the camera, the Manzanos credit their YouTube success to another reliable partner: a fast and strong internet connection.  PLDT Home, the country’s fastest network, allows them to keep putting up videos whenever they want, as much as they want–and also to do it better at home and in life.

“[Content creation] is not easy. We live in an age where everything has to be quick and instant. Having a fast and efficient connection gives you more chances to do more for yourself and others in a day whatever hat you have on,” said Luis. 

It’s this reliability and performance for the always-online YouTube power couple that led them to become the newest ambassadors for PLDT Home and its Do It Better campaign.

“I’ve been a user of PLDT for the longest time, so to be an ambassador is a big thing for me and I get to be part of it with my wife! I wouldn’t endorse a product I don’t fully trust or support so I’m in this for the long run,” added Luis.

“PLDT Home has been our internet service provider for years,” shared Jessy.

Just like Luis and Jessy, you can do things better and produce quality content from home powered by the fastest internet of PLDT Home. 

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