Cheesy Pick Up Lines

It may be funny but my husband read some cheesy pick up lines to me and I found myself giggling and in love. haha

I was working on my laptop while Dindin was using her Papa’s laptop to watch her video. So Dennis had no choice but to settle for my celphone in order to surf the net. I have a Nokia E63, which is WiFi ready, so he can use it to check on his Facebook account.

I am not sure how he landed there but he found a link to a Facebook page where there is a list of cheesy Pinoy Pick up lines. He started reading some to me and we would laugh at their silliness.

But that lightened our mood and we had great fun last night. haha So who says we have to spend to have great fun! I guess it depends on your attitude and your taste or what you call fun. But it is possible. 😀

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