CityMall Cinema Bacolod: Plush Comfort for Avid Moviegoers

CITYMALL CINEMA Bacolod and Victorias now open

So happy to announce to you that CityMall Cinema is now in Negros Occidental. CityMall Cinema Bacolod and CityMall Cinema Victorias are now open and fully operational.

CityMall Cinema Bacolod
Caught Unexpectedly Yours — the comeback movie of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla — at CityMall Cinema Bacolod.

To me, there are movies that I would enjoy better if I watch them in a cinema than just watch them at home on our TV set. Then of course, not all cinemas are the same. There are great cinemas that have the equipment, set up, or the features that will make the movie more enjoyable.

Now, I am so happy that a new cinema has opened in Bacolod. City Mall Mandalagan has opened their new CityMall Cinema Bacolod last December 1, 2017. It had a grand opening on the same day as the CityMall Cinema Victorias. Since December 2, both cinemas have been screening much-anticipated movies.

CityMall Cinema Bacolod Capacity 

Both CityMall Cinemas don’t have a big seating capacity. CityMall Cinema Bacolod can only seat up to 104 people at one time. Meanwhile, CityMall Victorias only has 98 seats.

CityMall Cinema Bacolod - CityMall Mandalagan
CityMall Cinema Bacolod is located on the 2nd floor of CityMall Mandalagan.

Eventually, CityMall Cinema Bacolod will introduce premier seats where guests can lounge comfortably in lazy boy seats while enjoying their favorite movies. This may happen early next year.

Plush Seats

Don’t dismay about the few seats because they give utmost importance to their customers as they have installed superior seats. The back rest of the seats are taller than most cinemas I’ve been to that they almost cover the head of the moviegoers. Each row is a good level higher that those seated in the front rows, which gives you a better view of the screen. Yes, when you are seated, your view is almost unobstructed by the audience seating in front of you.

CityMall Cinema Victorias - CityMall Cinema Bacolod
The plush seats at CityMall Cinema Victorias. Look how high the rows of seats are for uninterrupted viewing.

The CityMall Cinema is also equipped with superior sound system with the Dolby Surround technology. The cinemas are free seating, allowing you to choose the seats you are most comfortable in.

CityMall and Cinescreen

These two new cinemas, as well as all CityMall Cinemas, are ran and operated by CityMall Commercial Centers, Inc. in partnership with ABS-CBN’s Cinescreen, Inc.

Cinema 1 of CityMall Bacolod Cinema is located on the 2nd level, beside CityMall Mandalagan’s Department Store UNO. Tickets are sold at P190. The CityMall Cinema Victorias is located on the ground floor, across the Savemore Supermarket. Victorias branch sell their tickets at P200.

CityMall Cinema Bacolod - grand opening
During the grand opening of CityMall Cinema Bacolod.

Movie Snacks

It is also very convenient to buy snacks as snack bars are located by the entrance, serving the ever popular snack, popcorn! Of course other items and drinks are also available.

CityMall Cinema
Ticket counters and movie snacks are available just outside the CityMall Cinema.

Movies to Watch Out For

I am looking forward to CityMall Cinema Bacolod’s second cinema that is also opening soon. As of this writing, it is scheduled to open this month. Cinema 2 will be a premier cinema with 40 Lazyboy seats. The premier cinema will be selling tickets at P350 and seats will be guaranteed.

CityMall Cinema Victorias
CityMall Cinema Victorias grand opening.

I browsed through the list of movies I am anticipating. After writing this, I am going to plot which ones I will be watching at CityMall Cinema. I am so looking forward to catching Star Wars: The Last Jedi here. That would be a movie date to remember.

CityMall Cinema Mandalagan schedules.



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