Dermot Murnaghan is Two-Timing

Dermot Murnaghan and Camilla Tew on what looks like a date in the park.

This is what tabloids are shouting. Dermot Murnaghan, 54, married and with kids, is a well-loved British newsreader. Recently, he was caught on cam having tender scenes with his makeup artist, Camilla Tew, 31, in the park.

Though I try to maintain “no judgments” rule, it is hard not to think that these two have a relationship, right?

This is not a film they are making. They look like two people in love who are having a nice day at the park. The problem is Mr. Murnaghan is still very much married to his wife Maria Keegan and they have been married 23 years! I am not sure if the missus knows about this because it is obvious that the couple in question is not hiding their feelings towards each other with their gestures. 🙁

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