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  • Hardman Supplement for Men for a Happy Wife

    A husband’s performance can sometimes diminish with age and stress. This is where Hardman Supplement for men can help in the marriage. Read more.

  • Six Top Foods That Build Strong Family Relationships

    Do you believe that there are certain food items that help build strong family relationships? Read more about them.

  • Paying for Someone to Watch You During Private Moments

    There is a new profession that is gaining a lot of practitioners and also customers–s3x coach. No, they do not just give counseling or therapy with regards to being intimate with your spouse–they actually watch you do it and then give comments. Yes, they are sort of the third wheel in the bedroom. While a […]

  • Simply Appreciative

    Today, I woke up rather early and so I had the chance of preparing breakfast for my hubby. While the helper usually does it it for the whole family, I used to prepare something special for him. It was more frequent before we had Dindin but when we had a child, it became sparse. But […]

  • Dermot Murnaghan is Two-Timing

    This is what tabloids are shouting. Dermot Murnaghan, 54, married and with kids, is a well-loved British newsreader. Recently, he was caught on cam having tender scenes with his makeup artist, Camilla Tew, 31, in the park. Though I try to maintain “no judgments” rule, it is hard not to think that these two have […]