Governor Lacson’s Vision: SecuRE Negros

A Visionary Roadmap

Negros Occidental is forging ahead towards a sustainable future with the Negros Occidental Energy Development Roadmap. This is a comprehensive initiative tackling climate and energy crises through collaborative efforts with all stakeholders.

Proactive, Strategic, Consultative

Governor Lacson, speaking at the Provincial Capitol Social Hall on February 5, 2024, launched the SecuRE Negros campaign with a focus on proactive leadership, strategic planning, and continuous consultation.

Proactive Anticipation

Emphasizing proactive anticipation of energy challenges, Governor Lacson highlighted the formation of the Provincial Power Sector Study Group (PPS-SG) in November 2021. Then subsequently, in 2022, Negros Occidental Power Sector Assessment Study (NOPSAS) team was assembled. These initiatives aimed to assess the province’s energy situation and lay the groundwork for policy-making to ensure energy security.

Strategic Planning

Governor Lacson emphasized the need to transition to renewable energy, utilizing insights from the NOPSAS study. This study revealed inefficiencies and high costs within the current centralized power system. The province aims to shift towards distributed energy resources (DER) utilizing renewable sources.

Consultative Engagement

Governor Lacson emphasized the importance of consultative engagement in shaping the province’s energy future. Plans for Power Summits aim to gather stakeholder input for the Negros Occidental Energy Development Road Map. These summits aim to foster understanding and investment in renewable energy innovations. Additionally, a proposed Renewable Energy (RE) week will further support this goal.

Informing Stakeholders: A Crucial Step

Transparency and communication are crucial in fostering understanding and support for a renewable, reliable, accessible, affordable, and sustainable energy system.

SecuRE Negros: Beyond a Campaign

SecuRE Negros embodies a profound commitment to securing Negros Occidental’s energy future. As the province confronts climate and energy challenges, this initiative aims to establish a robust and reliable energy system that upholds principles of accessibility, affordability, and sustainability.

Why Transition to Renewable Energy?

Economic Resilience: Renewable energy fosters economic viability and innovation, creating a resilient economic foundation for Negros Occidental.

Political Commitment: SecuRE Negros aligns with global sustainability commitments, positioning the province as a leader in political dedication to renewable energy.

Generational Stewardship: The transition demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship, empowering future generations to continue climate action.

The Multi-Stakeholder Approach

Consumers, financial institutions, and distribution utilities all stand to benefit from transitioning to renewable energy. The goal is for power to be more affordable, stable, and environmentally sustainable.

The Unveiling: A Launch That Marks a New Era

The launch event symbolizes the province’s commitment to a transformative journey, where renewable energy becomes the cornerstone of a resilient and sustainable future.

Launching SecuRE Negros: A Symbol of Hope

Governor Lacson’s unveiling of the SecuRE Negros campaign logo signifies the province’s vision of becoming the Renewable Energy Capital of the Philippines by 2030.

A Call to Action

Governor Lacson urges the community to join hands in securing Negros Occidental’s energy future, emphasizing the collective effort needed to illuminate a brighter future.

Under Governor Lacson’s leadership, the launch of the SecuRE Negros campaign marks a pivotal moment in Negros Occidental’s journey toward energy security and sustainability. Through proactive leadership, strategic planning, and consultative engagement, the province sets a shining example for others to follow in the transition to renewable energy. Let’s SecuRE Negros together, now!

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