How Do You Get Your Man in the Mood?

With this body, you would think that Miranda Kerr doesn’t need anything to get her husband Orland Bloom turned on. But well, that is part of spicing up a marriage. 😀

Miranda Kerr Gets Orlando Bloom in the Mood with Silk Boxers

In The Chelsea Lately Show in LA, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr admits to doing things to give a little to their marriage. She said that they had this role-playing thing and she bought silk boxers for husband Orland Bloom to get him in the mood.

‘Well he had to get into character so I bought him these silk boxer shorts and it kind of helped.’ When she was asked, ‘Character for what?’, the brunette beauty blushed, answering: ‘For, you know, us. I don’t want to tell you what he bought me.’

About a month after giving birth the natural way, Miranda already posed for a pictorial for Victoria’s Secret.

Miranda has a fresh baby face that is so uncommon among models. But she is naturally blessed with a gorgeous body that it does not take much for her to look like that. She and Orlando were blessed with a son whom they named Flynn. They are both successful in their careers and they look really happy.

Honestly, when I see something like this among celebrity couples, I secretly wish that their marriages would be for keeps and not end up as another divorce statistic.

I sincerely wish these two lovebirds well.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are always photographed with smiles on their faces.

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