Music During a Date

Physical and mental exhaustion are creeping in again, so much so that I am already getting emotional. I really need a break from everything and just have some quiet time, you know just to be relaxed, refreshed, and energized to face more things. These are actually just mundane things but it can also take its toll on your entire being.

Now, I am really thinking of having a date with hubby. We both share a love for good food and the hankering for gastronomic adventures that it is just the perfect way to get away. I am thinking about this rather than a more personal thing for me because I know that Dennis also needs to take a break and he would surely appreciate a treat to a good restaurant. After all, he loves to eat. *chuckle* I would like to see the look on his face when he reads that I am emphasizing how he likes to eat. hahaha

I would love to have music during my date night with hubby. But nothing loud or fast. It should be slow and soulful so that we are relaxed.

It is not that I would want hubby to play the classic digital piano at musicians friend. We are contented to just listen to piped in music while having dinner or just drinking coffee and partaking of sweets. That would really be nice.

Maybe we can schedule another date night next week. hihi

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