Prioritizing My Husband By Attending a Marriage Seminar

This week, I had been very busy. I even kept on complaining at my husband saying that I am already getting hyperacidity because of so much stress in beating deadlines.

It seems that I cannot finish all the tasks and jobs that I have set out to do. It seems that I am swamped with work but even with that, the income is not that much. I dunno, but I am just so harassed.

Then my mother informed me that there is a marriage seminar by Family Life Ministries on Thursday. I asked Dennis if he wanted to go and he said, “Why not?” And so I told my mother that we were going.

Despite how busy I am, I thought of making time for this because this is about our marriage. Of course, it is not saying that this is the scale with which to measure the success of our marriage, but it contributes to the positive input in the relationship.

That is why, whenever you hear of such events in your community or even neighboring cities, don’t hesitate to join. If there is a registration fee, intentionally set aside money for it because it means adding life to your marriage. It is not quantitative but it will surely add to the quality of your relationship.

Some of the marriage advice that you will hear during seminars are things that you have already heard, but consider it as a reminder. And well, the time spent alone with your spouse is well worth it.

4 thoughts on “Prioritizing My Husband By Attending a Marriage Seminar

  1. I admire you for having the time to attend this seminar just so you can make your marriage stronger. Marriages take a lot of effort to work.

  2. we have constant reminder at church. our pastor is actually a licensed marriage counselor. 🙂

  3. tama mommy..ako nga hindi pa ako nag asawaang dami ko ng book about marriage..hehehe..adik lang minsan sa booksale at napapabili ako. I beleive we should not stop I mean those already married na find ways how to keep marriage intact and alive na alive..

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