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  • Birthday Preparations

    My husband and I have been very excited with preparing for our daughter’s first birthday. Birthday celebrations are meaningful to us, a time to reminisce about God’s faithfulness in our lives the past year and to celebrate His goodness. I had been quite busy, reserving catering, venue, ordering cake, balloons, etc. While I had my […]

  • My daughter’s birthday

    Whaaat??? It is already January! That means, it is only barely 2 months to go till my baby’s first birthday! Imagine that! Okay, there many things to take care of. One great concern: do we have money to spend for a party? I am still mulling, but I really want to give Dindin a nice […]

  • Planning Our Baby’s First Birthday Party

    My first baby is going to celebrate her first birthday in three months. Whereas others may think that it is still too early to plan, we don’t have a lot of money to spare and so we have to save up for an event like that. Actually, my husband dreamer and I are just intending […]