The Power of a Love Song

My husband’s happy plate of Asian style spaghetti and grilled pork chop.

Today is the 39th wedding anniversary of my parents in law. But they are not with us today because they went on short vacation and they left early today.

That did not stop us from celebrating with them, at least in thought. So I prepared lunch for today–Asian Spaghetti–just to make the usual pasta taste differently. Okay, I just want to experiment in the kitchen and hubby is the guinea pig. hehehe But he is always game with my kitchen experiments because he gets to taste something new, not the usual fare prepared for by our cook.

While I was preparing in the kitchen, hubby took care of the little one, Shane. Dindin was in the playroom, playing with her dolls. In the middle of bustling to and fro around the kitchen, I heard hubby set up the videoke and he belted out the song, “Born For You.”

I was already sweating in the kitchen heat with my eyebrows furrowing, but when he sang, I smiled and my shoulders relaxed. I forgot the discomforts I was feeling at the moment because my heart became glad. I remembered that when we were still dating more than a decade ago, he used to sing this song to me. It brought back lovely memories of our young love and it made me happy. 😀 I am in love with him all over again.

Needless to say, my little kitchen experiment turned out more than okay. Hubby was very happy with his meal. I just imagined the taste of the dish that I wanted to prepare and just put in whatever was available. But I guess because I was in love and inspired while cooking, I can say that my Asian spaghetti was “seasoned with love.” Do you agree? hihi

Anyway, to make you fall in love, too, here is the song “Born For You,” by David Pomeranz.

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