When Times Are Hard

How does a homemaker keep the family afloat during tough times? Photo from the internet.

Times are truly tough economically. Most people do not really experience an increase in income but there is a constant increase in expenditure. No wonder that there is difficulty in getting by and many things for the family are sacrificed.

That is why the shrewd homemaker holds the family’s purse strings like a security guard. She guards it tightly in order to be able to manage everything and let the family get by until the next pay day.

One of the things that she does is to get the lowest price for the things that she buys, especially food and other household items that she buys regularly. She knows where to get the best bargains. She also practices the environmentally-friendly mantra: Re-use, Reduce, and Recycle.

In our case, we are reusing a lot of Dindin’s stuff for Shane. After all, it is a gift that they are both girls. But I have also bought some new things for Siobe, just so at least, she would not come back to me later on and say that she only had hand-me-down items. hihi I just want to be fair to the children.

Also, I try to keep in mind that we should only spend for what we need. So the less things that we need the better. When we go to the store, especially the supermarket, we bring a list. It is best to buy only the items that you have listed down because that means that these are the only things that you need. A lot of things that we buy are just wants that we can let go.

Sales and discount coupons are also a big help. When we need something, we try to catch it if it is on sale so that we get to save some bucks. We also check online sales, which is more frequent, in order to get valuable discounts. You can also look out for seasonal sales that stores offer during special occasions, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, St. Patricks, 4th of July, Black Friday, and the like.

There are actually so many things that a homemaker can do in order to keep the expenses down, especially during tough times. All it takes is some creativity. With the help and support of the family, we can easily get through these and still maintain the quality of our lives. 😀

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