Would you Rent A Hanging Barn?

The famous Balancing Barn in Suffolk. It is even has a single swing at the end for little kids. Would you stay here? Would you feel safe? All photos from the internet.

Architects and designers would go to great lengths to build something that can be talked about, such as the Balancing Barn in Suffolk, England. This hotel measures 100 feet long, with about half the entire length of it sitting on a mound of earth and the other half dangling in the air.

But they say that you don’t have to worry about the building tipping over–the dangling part is made of lightweight materials, so it would not pull over the rest of the building. I just don’t know if there are already people inside. hehe

The scenic view from the dining room of the balancing barn. Photo from the internet.

This modern design that can comfortably house up to eight people at one time was designed by the Dutch design firm MVRDV. It is available for holiday hires through the company called Living Architecture, a non-profit rental firm.

Now, my question is, would you stay here? Would you feel safe? I wonder how safe it is when there are several kids in the family who start to jump around the dangling part? I would probably shudder every time the floor moves or creaks! eeek!!! How about you?

The luxurious living room. Photo from the internet.

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