My Birthday, Baby’s Birthday

Yeah, it is my birthday today. And I am happy and thankful. But you know what? If not for family and friends who greeted me, I would have forgotten that 34 years ago, I was born. That’s right, I am already 34 years old today.

You know why I have not been concerned by my own birthday? Because my baby turned 4 months last Saturday, just 2 days before mine. So I was thinking of her clothes for her pictorial and how and when to best take her pictures that I already forgot my concerns. Is that what motherhood really is like?

Anyway, my husband and I woke up in the middle of the night because Dindin fussed and I fed her. After I put her back to sleep, I went to the can to pee. When I came back, my husband sang me the birthday song and handed me this really cute bible. Our pastor had already told us before that he had stocks left but I didn’t get one, although I really wanted a new small bible that I can carry around. I looked for one when the Doulos was here, but they didn’t have the NI version left.

So I am just so happy that my husband did give this to me. Now my dilemma is whether to use a marker on the verses or not. hehe

Thank you to all my friends who greeted me. Sorry, no more party or blow-out na. hehe

Mostly, thank you Lord for this blessed life. You are my strength, joy, provider, comforted, friend…Jesus, You are my Savior.

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